The Not So Humble Lemon

An article from Wikaniko

Let’s take a fresh look at lemons – a fruit with a tangy citrus fragrance and flavour that we are all familiar with, great in food and drinks, and also very handy for lots of things in your home! You can even grow a lemon tree in a sheltered spot in your garden in the UK!


Here are some uses for lemons that you may not know about…


  1. Grill fish on top of lemon slices to prevent the fish from sticking to the grill
  2. Try gremolata, a mixture of lemon zest and finely chopped garlic and parsley, as an alternative to salt and pepper
  3. Include lemon zest in marinades for pork and poultry
  4. Create a flavoursome lemon butter to garnish seafood and fish
  5. Freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays to use in summer drinks
  6. Add lemon juice to rice, cauliflower, or potatoes while cooking to enhance their white colour
  7. Prevent eggs from cracking while boiling by coating the shells with lemon juice
  8. Ensure easy peeling of hard boiled eggs by adding one teaspoon of lemon juice to the cooking water
  9. Use lemon juice to help home-made jam set without using pectin
  10. Dry lemon peel for use in flavouring baked goods
  11. Remove garlic, onion, or fish odour from your hands by rubbing them with a piece of lemon coated in salt
  12. Rid your hands or clothes of stains from berries, beets, or ink with lemon and salt
  13. Clean copper pots or remove rust stains with half a lemon dipped in salt
  14. Mix lemon juice and baking soda for an effective stain remover
  15. Dry slices of lemon to use in holiday decorations such as wreaths or garlands, or to include in pot-pourri mixtures
  16. Fill bowls or vases with whole lemons to create elegant table centrepieces
  17. Keep insects away from stored clothing using dried lemon rind
  18. Use juiced lemon halves to moisten dry elbows
  19. Bite into a lemon to redden your lips (a common practice in the court of Louis XIV)
  20. Make a face mask using lemon and honey
  21. The juice of a lemon mixed with one cup warm water apparently makes for a great hair conditioner. It should be allowed to stay in your hair for a few minutes then washed off. Exercise caution if you have a sensitive scalp.
  22. A small amount of lemon juice pour onto minor wounds can help stop bleeding and disinfect the injury (it will sting a bit). Lemon juice applied to itches, poison ivy rashes and wasp stings is said to relieve discomfort.
  23. A 50/50 mixture of lemon juice and water makes for an effective mouthwash.
  24. After shampooing, rinse your hair with water and lemon juice to prevent dandruff and to remove soap film
  25. Soothe sore throats with lemon juice, either by gargling or drinking in a hot beverage
  26. Take the sting out of insect bites with lemon juice
  27. Apply lemon juice to cuts to disinfect them and help them heal faster
  28. Treat a nose bleed with lemon juice
  29. Mix lemon juice with olive or almond oil to treat eczema
  30. Combine lemon juice with papaya juice to get rid of athlete’s foot
  31. Pouring lemon juice around areas which ants frequent is said to repel them.
  32. An equal amount of lemon juice and water added to an atomizer will create a wonderful synthetic chemical-free green air freshener for your home.
  33. Again, an equal amount of lemon juice and water added to a spray bottle is an effective kitchen and bathroom cleaner and can also be used on walls (spot test first).
  34. A small amount of lemon juice can also be added to vinegar based cleaning solutions to help neutralize the smell of the vinegar.
  35. Heat a bowl of water and lemon slices in your microwave for 30 seconds to a minute; then wipe out the oven. Stains will be easier to remove and old food odours neutralized.
  36. Half a lemon stored in your fridge will help control and eliminate unpleasant smells.
  37. Rub a lemon juice and baking soda paste onto chrome or copper, rinse and then wipe/buff with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  38. Mix 1/2 cup borax and a cup of lemon juice for a powerful toilet cleaner that will leave it smelling extra clean!
  39. Use a half lemon to clean the lime scale off a sink or taps/faucets; rinse well.
  40. For bleaching purposes, add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle and hang clothes outside to dry.
  41. A teaspoon of lemon juice thrown into your wash can also help your clothes to smell fresher.
  42. A teaspoon of lemon juice added to your dishwashing detergent can help boost grease cutting power
  43. Hot lemon juice and baking soda is a good drain cleaner that is safe to use in septic systems.
  44. If you have a garbage disposal unit, throw in some lemon peel from time to time while it’s working in order to keep it smelling fresh.
  45. Rub lemon juice into your wooden chopping board, leave overnight and then rinse. Wood chopping boards appear to have anti-bacterial properties anyway, but the lemon will help kill off any remaining nasties and neutralize odours.
  46. 4 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with half a gallon of water makes an effective window cleaner
  47. Exfoliate and clean your feet – mix up some lemon pulp and brown sugar and get rubbing. Rinse and moisturise.
  48. Fight off a cold – mix lemon juice with honey and hot water to soothe coughs and sore throats and give you a dose of vitamin C.
  49. Soothe a sting – mix the juice of half a lemon with water and bathe a sting to lessen the pain.
  50. Make homemade lemonade – and avoid all the chemical/preservative laden stuff in the shops. The basic recipe is 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup organic sugar,1 cup water. That will give you a syrup to dilute as you like. Add ice.
  51. Freshen up your dishwasher – use half a lemon and jam it onto an upright in your dishwasher. Smells fresh, helps cut grease and has got to be more Eco-friendly than those plastic lemon shaped things you can buy to do the same job.
  52. Remove limescale from draining boards and taps – use half a lemon to rub over stainless steel draining boards and taps. Leave a minute, rinse and shine with a dry cloth.
  53. Clean a bar – it’s a bartender’s favourite, just lemon and salt, rinse and shine.
  54. Straight lemon juice can be used as a general degreaser
  55. 2 parts olive oil or cooking oil mixed with 1 part lemon juice makes for an excellent furniture polish!