Saturday Night at the Movies

What a wonderful Saturday night it was. The best in ages. Ruth and her team of willing helpers had a night off. On a monthly basis, they spend much time and effort researching and preparing an International evening at Ryde Methodist Church in Garfield Road. This time though, they were able to sit and enjoy as church member, Paul Arnold, supervised his catering students from the Isle of Wight college. He put his students through their paces an what an excellent job they did. The food was delicious, the entertainment brilliant and the quiz not too hard. Many of the audience participated by dressing up either as film characters or as film goers. Myself and my giggly granny friend, Julie, donned our tiaras and feather boas, leaving a trail of feathers all night! There was even a red carpet. Suffice it to say, an excellent evening was had by all.