My own business.

Minding my own business

Ever since I was 27 ( and quite likely for years before that!) I’ve been minding my own business! (althought my siblings might bed to differ. ) There there have been several businesses over that time. At 27 I opened my own nursery school and became self-employed. Although I have been employed for a few years as a teacher most of that time has been in self-employment. Firstly it was running Park View Nursery school for 21 years and by accident I became a bookseller as well,  eventually giving up the teaching in order to sell children’s books full time. That was a job I  enjoyed very much but gave it up when the goalposts got moved. Since then I opened up a networking group called Wightbuzz on the Isle of Wight where I live, and also started a business with my son Tristan, a business mentoring group also teaching productivity hacks called

Six years ago I became an Independent Phoenix Trader, a network marketing opportunity but kept it on the back burner during that period while I gave much more focus to the other businesses. I feel the time is right to grow this now and when I decided , between Christmas and New Year to take that course of action, my attitude was right and  I immediately recruited to new team members. When I was selling children’s books I grew a very large team and I love to work with them and help them achieve the businesses that they want. Now I look forward to helping my Phoenix traders growing their businesses and to find new people who are looking for an opportunity to run a business that fits in with the rest of their while I mind my business but  I also help others find the opportunity to mind their own business. There are certain perks along the way for those would like to join the team. One such perk runs out tonight.

Golden ticket

I have a golden ticket for anyone who would like to become an independent Phoenix Trader and is willing to sign up before 12 o’clock midnight. There are three entry points with three different packages and three different price points but which ever one The lucky recipient of the golden ticket chooses, their starter pack will be enhanced with extra free product. So are you that person would like this golden ticket.  Message me or check out I have been minding my own business for years would you like to start minding yours?