End of an era – now for a more eco-friendly lifestyle


Today is the end of an era! My van and I have had some exciting adventures across the country since 2004. What fun we have had together. I bought the van back in 2004 when I was a book distributor for a well known publisher. I often used to fill it to the top with books, racks, tables and stands and traversed the country setting up at exhibitions and country fayres from the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen – often travelling on my own. I would sit in the cab, which warmed up very quickly, and pop on Classic FM and pootle along in my own concert hall!! If the van could talk it would have some great tales to tell. In 2010 my circumstances changed and I set up new businesses so have since used the van for my Wikaniko business as well as my Phoenix Trading and Primary Stars businesses. It has also served me well in getting me to my Wightbuzz networking meetings.

Earlier this year is got sick!!! £500 later and it was sorted but sadly it got sick again. The cost to get it back on the road is £1000 + so I have made a decision to part company. I felt that a £60 spend on a new pair of comfortable shoes coupled with my bus pass was a way to go. After all, I run an eco friendly business – Wikaniko -. so now for a more eco friendly lifestyle. I am already feeling the benefits as my fitness levels are increasing. I have friends who are happy to give me lifts but in the mean time – have bus pass will travel. It is amazing how much you can see and appreciate when you are not driving. I have read books and updated social media on the bus and of course there is always the chance to network enroute too. So I’m off on different adventures now – bus pass, comfy shoes and shopping trolley at the ready!!! Oh and just for good measure I bought myself a big umbrella!!

MumsClub top 100 Business Mums award

Business Mum Awards - Nominated 2012

Imagine my delight when, having been nominated in the Mums Club business awards, I was listed as a winner. After nomination, it went to a public vote. It all happened in such a busy week that I hardly had time to seek votes for myself. There was a major competition going on - Team Green Britain where David Green, of the Isle of Wight (where I live) was bidding for a £10,000 prize to be  used for the community and voting was fierce and in fact finished two hours before the Mums Club votes had to be in. I had spent all week on community votes so I was quite burnt out when it came to my own votes. I am thoroughly honoured to find myself voted in in position 25 of the top 100 and am grateful to all those who voted for me. I am now getting to know a new group of business friends as I learn more about the other 99 awards winners.