1st July

1st July 2013 is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I have entered  the challenge before but never quite got to the end so here goes!!

1st July is a very significant date for me and my family. When my first husband proposed to me and we were looking for wedding dates, it seemed most appropriate o choose 1st July. It was a Saturday, which is what we wanted but it was also my mum’s birthday and by choosing this date, I won lots of brownie points with my mum!!!!

So 1st July 1977 was the day I married Ivor Griffiths. Here you can see my very proud dad, about to give me away and it brings a smile to my face as I remember him rehearsing his line “I do” (in reply to who giveth this woman?) He rehearsed it in so many different ways it made me laugh!!

A very proud daddy about to give me away

A very proud daddy about to give me away

Sadly, this marriage only lasted 16 years but it produced some very happy memories and 3 gorgeous children of whom I am very proud.

A few years later, my sister gained those all important brownie points by giving birth to her second child on 1st July. Zoe , my niece, has turned into a beautiful young woman.

Three years ago, my dear daddy left us . He died on June 15th. As he had led such a brilliant life, his funeral was not going to be one of mourning the dead, rather a great celebration of life with bright clothes and cheerful music. It seemed most appropriate for us to hold the service on 1st July. It was, indeed, a brilliant service with so many happy memories being recalled as my siblings and I all presented our own tributes to a very special man. We were able to do this in a way  that would have made him proud as he had made sure we were proficient at public speaking.

Yesterday was again 1st July. I was travelling back from a brilliant holiday with friends. As I travelled, I recalled so many happy memories, not just of 1st July but of other family occasions too.

As I arrived back on my fairy Island (Isle of Wight) I managed to catch up with my brother and my mum briefly. I wanted to wish her happy birthday and we celebrated with a quick trip to McDonalds!!

celebrating mums birthday with a Mcdonalds

celebrating mums birthday with a Mcdonalds


It seemed very fitting to start the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge with happy family memories (even though I am posting a day late – but then I was sooooooooo tired from travelling yesterday and the technology decided to beat me late last night)








Times Table learning Cube

I am a Primary Stars Advisor (one of my many roles) and when Polly of the Family Directory, asked if I would donate 5 times table learning cubes as prizes to be reviewed, I was more than happy to donate them.

Times table learning cubes and all the other learning cubes are such a fun way to learn.

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Through every nook and every cranny the wind blew in on poor old Granny

Eco granny

I am now an eco granny – having given up my van  and I’m now using public transport – complete with bus pass in hand. As I prepared to go out I could hear the wind howling. It reminded me of a poem by Spike Milligan, that I learnt many years ago. It still brings a smile to my face now, even more so because I am now a granny myself.

I googled it to remind myself and found it at Spike Milligan’s Page 







Through every nook and every cranny

The wind blew in on poor old granny

Around her knees, into each ear

(and up her nose as well I fear)

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Things that money cannot buy.

I have never been driven by money and whilst it is necessary, it isn’t important to me. The most important things in my life cannot be bought. Top of my list have to come family. My children are my  world.

I have three children, Toby,

who arrived on my sisters  birthday 37 years ago (gaining me enormous brownie points with my mum as her first child and first grandchild shared a birthday – something that pleased her greatly.)  Natasha followed 2 and a half years later

and married her Prince Charming in 2006. Tristan arrived when Tasha was 3 and a half.

I have always been proud of their achievements and encouraged them always to do their best. I also, always encouraged them to do what was right for them and not what other people thought was right! I believed in them and taught them to believe in themselves. (I had a very proud mummy moment last week when Toby posted a comment on facebook telling the world exactly that  :) ) No amount of money could buy the pride they have made me experience over the years not just in ordinary life but when things have challenged them greatly.

Further pride was exuded when Tasha and her husband Craig, presented me with my first grandchildren – twin daughters, born on my parents 61st wedding anniversary (and again brownie points were awarded – my daughter making the day even more special.) A baby sister arrived two and a half years later. These little people, as I love to call them, fill me with pride and joy as they chatter to me on the phone or visit me or welcome me to their home. I love to arrive with them before bedtime so I can share those precious bedtime stories and as an ex – nursery school teacher – I always add in lots of lovely bedtime rhymes too.


Other family things that have filled me with pride – my fathers funeral! Now that might sound odd but my dad was such a lovely man that the church was full for his funeral on July 1st 2010. It was actually mum’s and my niece Zoe’s birthday – but we chose that date as we knew that it would be a joyous occasion as we celebrated his long and fruitful life. I. along with my siblings and mum all delivered tribute speeches. Such happy memories so fondly remembered. What a celebration that was – we even had the service videod and I have enjoyed listening with immense pride as we all recalled amusing and happy incidents throughout his 89 years – after all he had encouraged us to enter speech competitions when we were at school so that we would not be scared of speaking in public as adults. I wonder what score out of ten we would have got. I’m thinking maybe 9 and a half – he never awarded 10!! Always room for improvement!)

He always believed in me and encouraged me even through all the very tough times. He remains with me even now guiding me. No price can be put on that wonderful warm ReadyBrek glow that gives me.

Over the last few years, I have had many challenges but through social media, I have “met” many super people with whom I have built up great friendships (and some of them I have now met in real life too!) Again – no money could ever buy!  They have inspired and supported me and pulled me through my long dark tunnel. I do try and pay it forward and hope I am now helping and inspiring others. (I have been told I do :)

I have been honoured to have received several awards over the last three years which I display  in my lounge and admire – remembering all the stories and challenges behind them.

I now run a network group for the small/medium businesses on the Isle of Wight. Wightbuzz has given me many warm readybrek glow moments as I watch my members become friends and collaborate with each other, providing solutions or advice etc. I threw the pebble in the pool as I created the group but then I watch and enjoy as I watch the ripples :)

I could add much more but I need to finish – I should have posted this 35 minutes ago as Im taking part in the Ultimate Blog challenge 31 blog posts in 31 days. I will add more in subsequent blogs. So come back and visit again soon. :)