The Ryde Slide

The Ryde Slide

Wayne Whittle, deputy chair of Ryde Business Association , introduced the idea of a Ryde Slide a long time ago having been told about the Bristol Screamer. When he saw pictures of the Screamer, he realised it looked just like Union Street in Ryde and so why shouldn’t he arrange a giant water slide to raise money for charity. The idea was born and gathered momentum until finally on July 12th 2015 the day arrived. The roads were closed, the Ryde slide was set up and much fun was had by all. Julie and I (aka the Giggly Grannies) had no intention of riding – that was for others not for us – it would be too fast and scare the living daylights out of us. However, it appeared, on the day,  that The Ryde Slide was not as fast as we feared so we set off , raised about £60 in sponsorship for the Ryde Slide Trust  there and then and took to the slide. I hadn’t bought any spare clothes – good job I was offered a lift home :) Would we do it again? You bet!

Ryde slide


Coffee and cake

Coffee and cake

I love coffee and cake. Anyone following me on facebook will see that most of my business is done over coffee and cake. Why should that be a problem? Well to me it isn’t. However, there is someone who has a problem with it. That someone , I think, believes I should go suited and booted, clipboard in hand to meet my prospective clients. The truth is, my clients love doing business over coffee and cake. If I were to follow this gentleman’s advice, I wouldn’t be finding my target audience. Read more

Snow time like the present for a photographic opportunity.

My brother Graham Reading is a very talented,  multi-award winning photographer. When the snow arrived, he wasted no time is seizing the opportunity to show off his artistic talent. The photographic opportunity resulted in some stunning pictures which were printed in the Daily Mail. 

Why not check out Graham’s Blog ?

The not so humble lemon

An article from Wikaniko

Let’s take a fresh look at lemons – a fruit with a tangy citrus fragrance and flavour that we are all familiar with, great in food and drinks, and also very handy for lots of things in your home! You can even grow a lemon tree in a sheltered spot in your garden in the UK!


Here are some uses for lemons that you may not know about…

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No more procrastination – just do it

For a long time now, I have been saying I was going to write my book but never actually getting down to it. Well, I decided the procrastination had to stop. I had to commit and I had to become accountable. The book is going to be about my journey and it will be dedicated to my late dad. As today, 19th January would have been his 92nd birthday, what better date than that to start.

I set a time mid afternoon to start as I had other things to finish first. Even that didn’t go according to plan and I was running late! Suddenly I found my self saying I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! (From Alice in Wonderland) Suddenly lots of fond memories starting flooding through about my dad. Alice was amongst his favourites. He was even a member of The Lewis Carroll Society. I did manage to settle down and get started eventually. I made copious notes and started to recall many of the incidents and adventures that had shaped my journey. I felt an amazing feeling – as though my late dad were present . So I am on task at last. The work has begun and I look forward to the days ahead as I complete the story of my journey so far. I know I am going to enjoy the experience although writing a book was never an original plan. My life has been a real roller coaster and one I never thought others would be interested to share but in recent years I have mixed with so many who say I have a story to tell . So they have persuaded me to put pen to paper. To stop the procrastination and complete the task. Watch this space…………………

What have you been procrastinating about?




A Picture of a Poem – a Poetry and Photography exhibition with a difference.

Last night, I was delighted to be invited to attend The Picture of a Poem, an exhibition out on at Dimbola lodge, which is part of my Wightbuzz network. What a treat we had in store. We met two very talented young men who presented their poetry and photography.

I would like to introduce you to Sam Scadgell & Harrison Wavell


It was an absolute delight to be part of this preview evening.

If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

My daddy was a very wise and wonderful man and this week it would have been his 91st birthday. As I plan to start my book in his memory on 19th January, I am recalling so many fond memories. This was a saying he used. It has been such a great one to follow. If only everyone would follow this the world would be a better place. I am sure he would have been proud of me in an incident on the ferry last year. I was returning to my beautiful Isle of Wight and the ferry was nearing Cowes so I returned to my vehicle. I put my bag in the back but was very careful to make sure I put my knee out to prevent the door swinging out, mindful that there was another car behind. The owner of the said car had clearly had a bad day and thought I woud be a great victim to vent her anger! She approached me and shouted!! She accused me of being about to smash her headlight. Quick as a flash I piped up “I’m sorry you have had a bad day. I have had a brilliant one. I hope yours gets better!! and with that I hopped back into the cab preparing to disembark and complete my journey home.:)

Why on earth she wanted to raise her blood pressure over an incident that hadn’t happened, I will never know!!!

Do you have any favourite sayings that remind you of a loved one?