Coffee and Shop at Ryde Methodist Church March 2nd

On Saturday 2nd March, I will be running another Coffee and Shop event at Ryde Methdist Church. We have many talented local crafts people and some of these  have booked a stall at this event. We also have people running local businesses so this is a great chance to pop in and support the shop local campaign.


See you there.

Ryde Methodist Church, Garfield Road, 10 am – 12 noon

Half Term activities -Visitor Attractions on the Isle of Wight

It’s half term and the grandchildren have been to stay. There are many Visitor Attractions on the Isle of Wight and we decided to visit Carisbrooke Castle , part of English heritage where we enjoyed seeing the donkeys. We followed the donkey trail and were awarded a prize. We learned how the donkeys worked the water wheel and found out how deep the well was.




The following day, as we had bought English Heritage membership tickets, my daughter and I decided to take my grandchildren to Osborne House, the country home of Queen Victoria and another Visitor Attraction on the Isle of Wight.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day and the we enjoyed a walk in the grounds. We will go back and visit the house another day for no extra harge – one of the benefits of being English Heritage members .


The Isle of Wight really is a great place to take your holiday and there are so many `Visitor attractions that there is no shortage of things to do here. The grandchildren’s time was all too short here but they will return and there will be plenty more for them to do.


4 home based businesses – who said it couldn’t be done?

Once upon a time – a business was for life – not so anymore!. Having worked hard in my 30 year teaching career – during which I ran my own nursery for 21 years – I turned to becoming a book lady – selling children’s books via stalls at local events and book parties. When the book company moved the goal posts after I had built my business for 7 years, I decided to leave and then at the age of 58 I had to look for new ways of earning an income. I found other home based businesses and set up several. I decided to spread my eggs into several baskets. There was criticism but at the end of the day – it’s my life and I have to do what’s right for me. What is right for me is not necessarily right for others.

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Putting your best foot forward.

I would love to put my best foot forward! Now let me see! What do you think this means? Well I decided to look up the meaning and found the following meaning:-

Embark on a journey or task with purpose and gusto.I took this from The Phrase Finder and it suggest it would mean there would be at least 3 or more. I only have two feet – would that I had more!!

You see I have had an epic NHS fail – see for yourself!

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Coffee and cake

Coffee and cake

I love coffee and cake. Anyone following me on facebook will see that most of my business is done over coffee and cake. Why should that be a problem? Well to me it isn’t. However, there is someone who has a problem with it. That someone , I think, believes I should go suited and booted, clipboard in hand to meet my prospective clients. The truth is, my clients love doing business over coffee and cake. If I were to follow this gentleman’s advice, I wouldn’t be finding my target audience. Read more

A Picture of a Poem – a Poetry and Photography exhibition with a difference.

Last night, I was delighted to be invited to attend The Picture of a Poem, an exhibition out on at Dimbola lodge, which is part of my Wightbuzz network. What a treat we had in store. We met two very talented young men who presented their poetry and photography.

I would like to introduce you to Sam Scadgell & Harrison Wavell


It was an absolute delight to be part of this preview evening.

Do you have an achilles heel?

I hate paperwork – It is my achilles heel or should I say it was!! That is until I discovered Liz McIntyre.


I am so glad that I followed my own top tip for networking. If I hadn’t given Liz McIntyre that business card that day many months ago, she would not now be taking on my paperwork! She would not now be helping me move my network group, Wightbuzz to a new level. Paperwork – sorted!!


Welcome to my ecofriendly world and see what’s on offer in my ecofriendly supermarket.

Welcome to my ecofriendly world.

I am just approaching my third birthday as a distributor with Wikaniko. Back in 2009, I decided to start taking small green steps to help save the planet. What better way than joining an ethical business that is set up as a cooperative. Trevor and Karen Blake work tirelessly to grow Wikaniko I have an online ecofriendly supermarket which contains over 900 items from raw chocolate and a range of health and nutrition items to bamboo items, from cleaning products to garden products, pet products to mineral makeup and much more. I am so lucky as I don’t have to stock the supermarket or employ staff. This is all part of my membership. Members merely pay £79 to become a distributor and then for a monthly fee of £3.50 we have access to a super online shop that stocks more than 900 items to lead to a greener world. Not only that prices in my supermarket often beat the big national supermarkets! Many people still seem to think going green means paying more. We also have offers to help the family budget. As I write – the following offer is current but you will have to be quick as this offer finishes on December 16th so check it out quickly.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the Christmas Special Offers this week. These particular offers are only available until midnight on Sunday 16th December, so grab them whilst you can:

*Buy the bespoke Cremoil, get a FREE Lavender Essential Oil to put in it.

* Buy 2 Aloe Vera gels, get the third FREE. (This offer is worth almost £10!)

*Lip balms – buy 2, get a random flavour FREE

*Buy 1 brown flaxseed, get 1 brown flaxseed FREE

*Buy any 6 packs of dog treats and get a FREE roll of dog waste bags

all of these can be found in my supermarket

I have a team of distributors on the Isle of Wight . We are all working from home and have many ways of promoting our businesses from catalogue drops to stalls at fetes and fairs, buying for ourselves to selling to family and friends. Just recently, the business has gone global and we are able to recruit across the globe :) I would love to help many more people take those green steps to a better world. I would like to help lots of therapists promote their own brand products for a minimal fee. There is so much to benefit to connecting with Wikaniko. I also have a facebook page and I can be found on twitter at @lynsgreenbiz

I would love to help you either as a customer of distributor. Lets work together for a greener world.

MumsClub top 100 winner inspires first Isle of Wight Shock Cash Mob


Recently I was delighted to be named as a winner in the grandmother section of the MumsClub top 100 mums. As a result I am privileged to be part of the Top 100 mums Facebook group where we exchange knowledge and ideas. I am very much enjoying getting  to know all these lovely ladies and hearing about their achievements.

I am known as rather a night owl and recently, having fallen asleep on the sofa during the evening, I woke at about 4 am. I couldn’t resist just checking the computer. I was very inspired  by the following you tube  clip posted by fellow winner, Karen Mercer.

Imagine my surprise when I reposted on my Wightbuzz members wall and immediately, member Julie Jones Evans was reposting on her wall. Suddenly, Julie and I were having a very buzzy conversation and 10 days later we hosted our first Shock cash mob.We managed to engage much media interest for which we are very grateful. We were interviewed on Vectis Radio, Isle of Wight radio, BBCradio Solent and we have been tweeted and face booked by them. On the Wight, formerly Ventnor Blog, and the County Press have also covered our story. Julie and I are both local independent traders and passionate about flying the shop local flag. The Isle of Wight has particular problems. Like most areas, redundancy has hit hard but unlike other areas, we are surrounded by the most expensive stretch of water in the world to cross. Many have used their entrepreneurial spirit to set up their own businesses. I support many of these via Wightbuzz, my own affordable networking group which has just celebrated its second birthday.

Our first Shock cash mob was a great success. We targeted Trade Winds in Scarrots Lane, Newport and Ian and Sheila Ferguson have reported that they had their best day of the year.
We used social media and word of mouth to invite people to meet us in Newport at a well known spot and to bring £5 they were willing to spend in a local independent trader. Only Julie and I knew the destination.

It was a short walk to Trade Winds. It was so successful that we are planning the next one on Sunday 9th December and our Shock Cash Mob group is growing in numbers.

Many of my Wightbuzz members attended as well as other shoppers. We met in a well known spot in Newport and got into the spirit

The event was a great success. Ventnor Blog and the County Press hailed it a success.

We hope to see lots of people joining us to shop local on Sunday 9th December